Nóra Kerekes, Founder of the MeSHe project

Professor of Medical Science (Psychiatry)
Ph.D in Medical Neuroscience



I believe, that changing the brain to alter behaviour may not necessarily/inclusively require pharmacy or any invasive form of therapy. I lead different RCTs and quasi-experimental studies to investigate biological interventions' (biofeedback, diet, physical activity, yoga, acupuncture) effects on the behaviour.

My international research project is designed to investigate somatic health, mental health and personality profiles associated with substance use and violence.

My main research areas are:

  1. Aggressiv behaviour in children (conduct disorder) and studies about the suggested protective role of self-governance. Register studies: cross - sectional and longitudinal analyses of descriptors and risk factors .
  2. National and international studies about somatic and mental health with focus on substance abuse and aggressive antisocial behaviour in the samples of youngsters (students) and adults ( both clinical and prison inmate sub-populations) . Survey studies.
  3. Non-pharmacological treatment possibilities  (e.g.: yoga, diet, acupuncture..) of aggressive antisocial behaviour and/or substance dependence as primary outcome measures. Randomised Controlled Trials.


I have over 25 years of experience as a university teacher (in a broad international context) and over 15 years experience as a lecturer and supervisor of Bachelor and Master essays and doctoral theses. The subjects that I have taught mainly biological topics: Neurobiology, Cell Biology, Physiology, Histology, but also Criminology. The past years the focus of my teaching is Psychiatry, within that subject biological psychiatry and externalising child neuropsychiatric problems.













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University West
Department of Health Sciences
Health promotion and Health Science Unit

Professor of Medical Science (Psychiatry)
Ph.D in Medical Neuroscience