Information about the research project


Mental and Somatic Health without borders (MeSHe)



Call for participation

You are asked to participate in this study because you are

-a student at one of the upper secondary/high

-or because you are a patient of out-patient addiction clinic


By completing the survey, you agree to participate in the study.


Background and purpose

Early childhood discovery of mental and physical risk factors is a prerequisite for preventing prolonged mental ill-health, addiction, crime and social exclusion. Our ongoing international research project has already shown that in addition to the well-known risk factors for abuse and crime, there are also risk factors that are specific to the different cultures.

In this project we study culture-specific patterns of mental illness and disease. The goal is that at an early stage we could propose individualized, effective and equal care.

The study therefore collects information in different countries from high school students, and from adults with diagnosed substance abuse.


Information requested by the survey includes questions about your alcohol and substance use habits, physical and mental health, how much you exercise physical activity during your spare time, and what feelings dominated in you over the past year.


How is the study going?

The reliability of the study and results based on your honest answers.

Completing the survey takes about 45-60 minutes. You will have the possibility to submit your answers after the first half of the survey, or at the end. Please, submit your answers even if you answered partially!


What are the risks?

The risk of participating in the survey is that you may feel stressed of reporting on physical or mental health problems or possible substance use habits.

Therefore, we include information to relevant support organizations in this site where you will come back after you have submitted your answers. We have chosen this way of support, in order to maintain your anonymity and integrity.


Data management and privacy

Your answers in the questionnaire will be processed so that unauthorized people cannot access them. The collected anonymous electronic files are stored in secure cloud service at University West, where backups are also taken regularly.


How do I get information about the results of the study?

The study is large and involves both national and international analyzes. All results shall be published in scientific articles, which will also appear on the project website: https://meshe.se/


Voluntary participation

Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary.


Responsible for the international study is professor Nóra Kerekes, Sweden.






Nóra Kerekes

University lecturer, Professor of Medical Sciences (Psychiatry), Ph.D of Neuroscience,

Department of Health Sciences University West, Sweden

e-mail: nora.kerekes@hv.se